PDN July 2014

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On our cover: "The Lost Mitten" from photographer Holly Andres' series "Sparrow Lane." Andres is one of several photographers who explain in our story on fine-art networking how, and why, they built a network of supporters and peers. 

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What to Expect from the Photographer/Gallery Relationship
Gallerists, private dealers and photographers explain the unwritten rules of fine-art representation, and how to navigate them. By Edgar Allen Beem

Patrons, Mentors and Peers: Fine-Art Networking Tips
A dozen artists explain how they’ve established and maintained relationships that provide them with essential career resources, from friendship and community to honest advice, critiques and professional connections. By Conor Risch

Fine-Art Print Supply and Demand
How photographers manage their limited-edition print inventory for the short and long term. By Holly Stuart Hughes


Picture Story: A Show of Hope for Syrian Refugees
Four NOOR photographers documented life in a Syrian refugee camp, then mounted an outdoor exhibition on site to celebrate the survival and aspirations of the camp’s 100,000 residents. By David Walker

Personal Work to Paying Assignment: Peter Menzel Tackles A Corporate-Sponsored Project to Reduce Landfill Waste
Known for their projects about consumerism and the environment, Peter Menzel and writer Faith D’Aluisio took on an assignment from trash bag maker Glad Products Company to help reduce landfill waste. By David Walker

Unusual Assignment: Is It Worth Getting Arrested for National Geographic Cover Story Photos?
Still frustrated by his arrest over pictures that angered a Kansas farmer, National Geographic contributor George Steinmetz recounts the experience and ponders whether the photos were worth the trouble. By David Walker


Spotlight: Fit and Fashionable
Women’s Health photo director Sarah Rozen talks to PDN about the clean, stylish photography that distinguishes the magazine, and the variety of photography she assigns. Interview by Holly Stuart Hughes


How I Got That Shot: High-Energy Fashion
Fashion photographer Tom Corbett discusses his signature look, and how he adapts his lighting and directing to very different assignments.

Product Reviews
Sigma 50mm F/1.4 DG HSM Art Lens, Leica T (Typ 701), and DJI Phantom 2 Vision
quadcopter drone. By Dan Havlik

Frames Per Second: 4 Steps To Give Your Digital Video the Look of Film
How a cinematographer uses lights, filters and other techniques to make his videos look like they were shot on film. By Ryan E. Walters

7 Great Camera Rigs for Different Gigs
These recent camera stabilizers will help keep your reel sharp. By Dan Havlik


A New Translation
In her new book Party, Cristina De Middel explores modern China’s relationship with its communist identity by placing her own images in Mao’s “Little Red Book.” By Conor Risch

Maidan Moment
Anastasia Taylor-Lind’s idea to create portraits of protesters and mourners in Kiev’s Maidan square spawned a social media phenomenon and resulted in her “most precious” images to date, which are being published this month in a new book. By Dzana Tsomondo

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© Holly Andres
PDN July 2014



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